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Sicco witnesses the growth of the serviced apartment industry and sees a continues growing demand for apartments for a shorter period of time. He sees an industry very similar to the hotel industry 20 years ago

Koen as a millennial noticed that serviced apartment agents don’t use much of the technology he’s used to and doesn’t understand why the booking of a serviced apartment is still difficult on a mobile device.

The two see a growing population of global working city nomas. They work where there laptop is and look for a place to live whilst simultaneously being flexible and free to move. These city nomads are looking for an online marketplace where they can book their temporary house. will become this market place and will help create the standard for the future generations to use. In a way AirBNB has become a reference in the consumer to consumer holiday rentals.


Although the cost for data roaming is diminishing quickly, in 2017 the first question a lot of millennials ask when entering a place is: “what is the wifi password.” This is the reason why requires the providers to supply the speed of the wifi connection at the dining table of the apartments. This can be found in the logo of Housist. We look forward to the moment in the future where our logo has become outdated and we have participated in creating new expectations in the serviced apartment industry.